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Guangzhou Xingke International Apartment(Zhujiang New Town) is located in the first-class business circle of Zhujiang New Town, the core business district of Tianhe District, Guangzhou. It is a landmark building complex, such as Pearl River Park, Guangzhou tower, East Tower, etc. it takes 3 minutes to walk to Tancun station of Metro Line 5, and takes bus to Huacheng Avenue East station or Machang road middle station, 8 minutes to Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center and Tianhe Sports Center, and 15 minutes to Guangzhou east railway station; 40 minutes from Baiyun Airport; Adjacent to Guang Yue Tian, sun Xintiandi shopping center, racetrack, Haixinsha, golden house, the surrounding catering, shopping, entertainment, etc., let you go out home tourism and business trip to enjoy convenience, young and passionate you love the night bar, nearby apartment near the bar, all round to serve guests, the hotel equipped with electronic fridge, LED smart TV, Air purifier, multifunctional alarm clock, soft and comfortable star bedding, wireless coverage. Design and layout of the room according to the core needs of the guests, 24-hour front desk. Let your journey worry free. Hotel commitment: do your best to make the hotel's service value greater than the price, the customer's accommodation experience higher than expectations. With great efforts, for your more satisfaction.
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FAQs when booking at Guangzhou Xingke International Apartment(Zhujiang New Town)
  • How far is the hotel from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport?

    Guangzhou Xingke International Apartment(Zhujiang New Town) is 29.8km from the airport.

  • Does Guangzhou Xingke International Apartment(Zhujiang New Town) offer airport shuttle service?

    No, the hotel does not offer airport shuttle service.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Guangzhou Xingke International Apartment(Zhujiang New Town)?

    Check-in time is 14:00-00:00, and check-out time is 08:00-12:00 at Guangzhou Xingke International Apartment(Zhujiang New Town).

  • Does Guangzhou Xingke International Apartment(Zhujiang New Town) have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Guangzhou Xingke International Apartment(Zhujiang New Town) have a restaurant?

    No, there is not a restaurant in the hotel.

  • Does Guangzhou Xingke International Apartment(Zhujiang New Town) offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Guangzhou Xingke International Apartment(Zhujiang New Town) accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Guangzhou Xingke International Apartment(Zhujiang New Town) accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Guangzhou Xingke International Apartment(Zhujiang New Town)?

    The room prices is from cny419, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

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  • A127182
    The bed is too hard. It's uncomfortable to sleep
  • llybll
    Not bad!!!
  • sabrinaer
    On the second floor of a commercial building, it belongs to an apartment, not a complete hotel. The apartment is mixed with other companies, one room for one. It's a duplex. The bed is on the second floor. I feel cramped when I just go in. It's not bad to stay for a while.
  • LJ518
    I watched a concert with my wife in Guangzhou. It's easy to overlook the location of the wine shop, but it's not bad
  • yonggui7758
    Yes, it's just that there are many people at the front desk. It's not clear. Take out can't be delivered upstairs.
  • beyond
    It's hard to find the location. The bed is too hard. It's decorated next door in the morning. I can't rest at all. I'll never order this one again.
  • yuenyuenleung
    Apartment, no service. Good hygiene. The room is OK, the size is OK. Only stayed for one night. For northerners, there seems to be no service experience in the south
  • sidi324
    The price is small and expensive, nothing else
    Great position! There are many fruit shops downstairs, convenient transportation
  • ccclei
    The location is very good. It's close to Nanguo hotel. It's very affordable to travel here. There are many restaurants around, but there are many intersections. It's easy to get lost
  • e00153525
    Very good service
  • cindynumberone
    The little brother at the front desk has a very good service attitude and is very polite. The first check-in also gave us a free upgrade of the duplex room, resolutely continued to live for another day. The little brother's service attitude was very good
  • Danise
    It's hard to find. There's no invoice. Loft is very narrow. It's on the first floor with other offices
  • cyrusun
    Duplex building, the first floor is the living room, with sofa, refrigerator, washing machine, suitable for family travel or friends travel together
  • moneydream330
    The decoration is good, although I didn't live in the most desired room
  • lilingtang
    There is no meal, the room is in the apartment building, the location is not hard to find, the bathroom is relatively small, there is no separate shower, the bathroom water is blocked at the beginning Finally, I need to make complaints about the stairs of the duplex room. It's too narrow. I must watch out for the toilet when I get up at midnight.
  • e04144013
    The house is not big, the light on the second floor is dim, the bathroom is not very clean, but the lighting is very good, the location is very convenient, there are many places to eat around, generally OK
  • bruce.x
    Very convenient, very good location. Although the room is small, it has complete facilities. TV is easier to use. The only drawback is that the bathroom is too small, and there is no separation between wet and dry
  • E05739409
    When I first found the apartment, I felt uneasy. It was a tiny door. The elevator went up to the second floor, and it came to the end of the winding corridor. I didn't find the front desk.. Return to the other side of the elevator to find the front desk, a boy in shorts, where is the beauty front desk in the evaluation.. Then I went to the end of the zigzag corridor, entered the door, a tiny room, a tiny bathroom, and couldn't figure out why there were so many high scores. Is it just because of the decoration with a little thought? If it wasn't for cockroaches in too many reviews in Guangzhou, I would not have chosen this one. Later, I found out that I was worried too much. In winter, there should not be too many cockroaches in Guangzhou. During the Spring Festival, I lived in three houses and didn't find them. Make complaints about the 498 of the price of a night, not even bottle of mineral water. In addition, I'd like to remind you that this apartment is on the same floor with some other companies, so the security can't be guaranteed. The apartments in front of me are all swiped in and out, and the elevator can only go up the living floor, which is more secure. Send two pictures to show you the poor bathroom.
  • elegantbaby
    Very good
  • neildon
    The location of the hotel is very good, but the door is hard to find. In addition, the big bed room given is in the corridor alone. The door is an additional anti-theft door, and the original door inside cannot be closed, which is unsafe
  • tangrami
    Good location
  • netsnower
    The room is very good. Although there are many turns, it's the same floor
  • caijie1010
    The location is good. The hotel apartment is OK!
  • david00
    There are few chain hotels in this area, so I have to choose this apartment. After I checked in, I was really surprised. The bed space in this room is very large, and the female ticket likes the background wall of the hall very much
  • yj9760
    Good location, service number
  • app_123
    Hotel location is OK, service is average
    Porridge porridge.........
  • edong
    I've lived several times. I'm satisfied. I hope it's more and more perfect
  • e00185199
    Not bad, very warm
  • xiangbin1981
    I thought it was in the community, but I found it was not. The entrance is at the crossroads. Although there is no access control, there are security guards on duty. When I go shopping around, I find that there are luxury residential areas around. The quality of people in this small area is very high, and I feel very comfortable sleeping at night
  • lx0505
    It's said that the south is very humid. What should I do after washing? The company has arranged a business trip to Guangzhou for more than half a month. I am worried about this problem! Go to the store and apartment to upgrade the double bed room. The washing machine in the room is equipped with dryer, which solves the problem. I'm afraid that dampness is a disease
  • e04341506
    Except that the toilet didn't separate wet from dry, I was quite satisfied with the rest
  • airclint
    By the way, it's quiet. It's a commercial and residential building. It's about five minutes' walk to Tancun station. There's a 711 downstairs, which is very convenient. Overall, it's more cost-effective.
  • luo700723
    Good surrounding environment, friendly service
  • Song1970
    It's very convenient, but it's not convenient to park.
  • dmlljblmd
    Sanitation is not bad. The surrounding environment is very convenient. It's hard to find the place after entering. It's like a maze. Ha ha
  • gengdan228
    The corridor looks like it has been renovated, but the renovation is not very good, it's a little simple. The decoration of the room is also qualified. Good location is a relatively prominent advantage. There are subway buses
  • Jnmef
    I ordered a room for my friend. It was very noisy on the opposite side that night, so I had to change a room. According to the feedback, the room was small and the health environment was generally cold
  • lily820206
    To praise.... Stick stick stick
  • dora_one
    The surrounding environment is beautiful. The waiters are quite friendly. They answer every question and answer every request. The washing machine in the room looks at the one with the dryer. It's useless because it's just for one night. It should be very useful for people who live for several days
  • wang_weican
    Loud noise, poor decoration
  • smartpu
    It's very good. He didn't make a reservation in advance when he wanted to stay. When he made a decision, he had no room. His family thought it would be more appropriate to use a fruit metaphor. Durian, which never tasted or smelled for the first time, is really great. It's a meticulous decoration. Washing machine with drying, refrigerator is a big refrigerator for adults.... Durian with thorns is not easy to get. His house is not elegant, but its value is embodied
  • applefly
    Very intimate service, who do not want to go out and harmony, especially out of the province, can chat with the apartment people, spiritual satisfaction. We're not going to stay in a five-star hotel. We're going to live in an apartment. It's just a comfortable apartment. And the decoration of the apartment is not bad. We'll choose this service next time we come to Guangzhou as long as it's not far away
  • Journey911
    It's a bit hard to find the location of the hotel. I need to call the customer service room. I took a lot of turns in the building. Generally speaking, it's very sanitary
  • dd75218
    The service is good. When you check in, the front desk will remind you that if there are mosquitoes in the room, the apartment is equipped with electric mosquito repellent incense and put it on the table table table. Just plug in the electricity, the attentive front desk. Sometimes a word can touch a summer!
  • bobo910
    The surrounding areas are high-end residential areas, such as splendor mansion, Nanguo garden, and a lot of infrastructure. There are various banks, various pharmacies, etc., which are very convenient and satisfactory
  • m00838375
    A small hotel
  • cds700629
    It's convenient for transportation. It's near the river. You can walk if you are not busy at night. It's a good night scene
  • litty
    The reception is friendly, the room is warm and the location is the best